Concessions Management Group (CMG) manages and operates concessions within stadiums, arenas and other high traffic venues.  A for-profit, social enterprise, CMG differentiates itself from other concessionaires by purposefully hiring a significant portion of our staff from low-income communities through established partnerships with local non-profit organizations. With our unique staffing model of pairing experienced concession workers with employees that are new to the industry, CMG makes it possible for our clients to showcase to its customers, the community and the media their commitment to corporate social responsibility without sacrificing productivity or profitability.


Led by veteran operator, CMG is a top notch operator. We recruit, interview and screen all hires and serve as the employer of record, handling all payroll and human resources-related issues, including terminations.  Through our custom training program 100% of our employees receive a minimum of 20 hours of training prior to working their first shift.  On-going training further sets our employees apart from other concessionaires.  Where appropriate, we work with our clients to embed their standards into our comprehensive training program in order to present a seamless experience for the client and its customers. CMG takes full responsibility for scheduling staff and we work in concert with our clients to make sure that staffing levels match their needs even in the face of changing requirements.  Whether its a new product introduction, or a "pop-up" location is needed, we are able to quickly and successfully adapt our operations and staffing.


The CMG team has worked with MLB, NBA and NFL teams, corporate sponsors and the leading concessionaires. CMG has managed and operated concession stands (portables) and hawkers (vendors) within stadiums, arenas and other large venues. Its clients have included the MLS DC United, MLB Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals, NFL Houston Texans and college football USC Trojans and CAL Bears employing almost 100 employees from low-income communities.  

Prior to CMG, the team led the turnaround of Juma Ventures’ San Francisco Giants and 49ers concession business and its subsequent business expansion to the Oakland A’s and Raiders, Golden State Warriors, San Diego Chargers and Aztecs as well as the Washington Nationals.