On the venture side of the house, we seek to apply our operational knowledge and skills by starting or acquiring companies that catalyze social or environmental change.  We are hands-on, owner-operators with the goal of maximizing invested capital and social impact.

We do not manage a captive equity fund, but instead work with "committed capital" from select private investors on a transaction by transaction basis.  Our investors are therefore able to review the company vitals and financial information with their primary business advisors to make an informed decision whether to lend, invest, donate or decline to participate.


OnLoanTo is a web-based rental, sharing and asset tracking platform that helps non profits, businesses, universities and municipalities set-up lending libraries (tools, sporting goods, kitchen equipment, etc.) that are either open to the public or that can be used internally within an organization.

Hermes Homecare

Simple, safe, flexible in-home personal care for your loved ones.


321Moola is a participant driven technology platform to solve today’s pressing social issues using crowdfunding, prize-based contests and challenges.