On the venture side of the house we apply our operational knowledge and skills incubating business and revenue models we think have potential. We seed these ventures with a mix of our own capital and crowdfunding.

We are hands-on, owner-operators with the goal of maximizing invested capital and social impact.

Current Portfolio

Hermes Homecare


We are stepping into the home care arena by launching Hermes Homecare in conjunction with Iyanna Parler, an African-American entrepreneur.

Why the home care space?  Well, to be blunt, it is broken. Families struggle to get good, consistent, qualified caregivers.  Agencies are expensive and more concerned with meeting "minimums". Caregivers are underpaid and often not “matched” with their clients. All of these circumstances create a revolving door for those needing care. 

Leveraging Social Impact Ventures operating experience and Iyanna's ten years of experience, we are embarking on a mission to change the home care experience so that it is :

  • Simple - An easy way to hire excellent, consistent, reliable, qualified caregivers.
  • Safe - All of our caregivers undergo a background check and are personally vetted by me and my team.
  • Flexible - Care needed on your schedule with no contracts or minimums.
  • Pays a living wage - We pay at least $15 per hour to our caregivers because we value the care they provide to our loved ones.



LocaLoot is a community of people and merchants building a sustainable economy. From grocery stores to bike shops, restaurants to yoga studios, gardening shops to design stores -- we help people find the "LocaLoot" that make our communities better. Our customers trust us to tell them about great businesses to support, and we take that trust seriously.

Over the past few months, we have quietly been building a directory of Oakland artisans, producers, makers, producers and have identified over 100 local companies that we think offer creative, stylish and interesting products. We are now working with them to create limited run Loot Boxes.

Our staff hand picks the items that go into our Loot Boxes that are organized by theme and or product type.  With content changing monthly we will continually bring new and exciting products to our customers while strengthening the local economy.