Exploring the In-home Care Market

We are stepping into the home care arena by launching Hermes Homecare in conjunction with Iyanna Parler, an African-American entrepreneur.

Why the home care space?  Well, to be blunt, it is broken. 

Hermes Homecare is a result of Iyanna's personal experiences trying to take care of ailing loved ones.  Along with family and friends she struggled to find, hire and manage in-home care for parents and grandparents.  Iyanna even became a certified IHHS caregiver in order to care for and directly address the unsatisfactory caregiver situation. 

In discussing the opportunity with Iyanna, we quickly realized families struggle to get good, consistent, qualified caregivers.  Agencies are expensive and more concerned with meeting "minimums". Caregivers are underpaid and often not “matched” with their clients. All of these circumstances create a revolving door for those needing care. 

Leveraging Iyanna's ten years of experience and many lessons learned, long with Social Impact Ventures operating experience, we are embarking on a mission to change the home care experience so that it is :

  • Simple - An easy way to hire excellent, consistent, reliable, qualified caregivers.
  • Safe - All of our caregivers undergo a background check and are personally vetted by me and my team.
  • Flexible - Care needed on your schedule with no contracts or minimums.
  • Pays a living wage - We pay at least $15 per hour to our caregivers because we value the care they provide to our loved ones.

We look forward to keeping you updated!